Mylo Kaye

It is little wonder that the pandemic has had such a negative effect on people’s mental health. The idea of being stuck indoors all the time, being stuck without a normal routine and doing the things we find second nature, can be a tough one to get your head around. Mental health services have seen an increase in people asking for help and you only need to take a brief look at social media to see just how many people out there are suffering.

The fact that an end date can’t be completely nailed down is another thing that can impact people’s mental health. They can get used to the uncertainty – as long as they know it is going to be ending. However without a set date, it can be tough to stay positive right now.

The end does finally seem to be in sight, however, with the arrival of the vaccines and a program rolling out to get all those who need it vaccinated. Whilst normality may still be some way off, this is a step in the right direction and hopefully restrictions will be easing off soon with life slowly returning back to normal.

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