About Mylo Kaye

Chief Executive Officer, Pledge

Mylo Kaye is the Chief Executive Officer of Pledge, a charity with a vision to reduce poverty in Greater Manchester for those experiencing homelessness, exploitation and unemployment. 

Mylo is a trustee of The Booth Centre; a charity set up 22-years ago to help homeless people to rebuild their lives.

He is also an investment advisor for Fair by Design; a £20 million fund and partnership between Big Society Capital, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Finance Birmingham and Ascension Ventures that aims to help those living in poverty in the UK.

He has won both the Talk of Manchester ‘Entrepreneur Award’ the Manchester City Councils, Bee Proud, ‘Business in the Community’ award in 2017.

Working in the technology sector for a decade, Mylo understands the importance of embracing technology in a way that can change people’s lives.

Mylo has a real passion for technology. He’s been running different tech-based companies for the last ten years, and when asked what he loves about the industry, he replied: “I love technology and the power it has to change peoples lives.”

When asked whom he would love to go to dinner with, Mylo answered, “Bill Gates. For the legacy, he’s left behind at Microsoft, and for the work, he is doing today in Arica and around the world.”

Mylo is forward-thinking and innovative in his approach, not only to technology but also to running a business. He’s been shortlisted for numerous awards for entrepreneurship, such as Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 and Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur Award 2016. 

Originally from Wirral in Merseyside, Mylo studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University while starting his first entrepreneurial venture in 2008.

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