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Corner is the first complete boxing performance tracker. It comprises a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution which uses unobtrusive wrist-worn sensors, fitting underneath the boxing gloves.

Dreamr’s app design and development team worked closely with clients Athletec through each stage of this innovative and cutting-edge project.

Historically, in order to understand the quality of their performance, combat athletes have had no alternative but to rely on expensive video playback, with many cameras required to provide an adequate assessment.

The high cost and setup requirements have meant that this technology has been far out-of-reach for the vast majority of gyms and athletes.

Coach driven assessment to remember accurately every detail of a session is both unrealistic and ultimately imprecise.

The English Institute of Sport reports coaches and athletes only recall 30% of performance correctly.

In the sporting world where even tiny incremental nuances in performance can mean the difference between winning and losing, Corner has been designed to revolutionise this process.

An onboard microprocessor determines key statistics from every punch thrown by a boxer, whether it be jab or a strong right hook, and delivers the feedback via Bluetooth to a smartphone app for both display and storage over time.

This means a complete picture will emerge of that individual’s performance — covering each round, each week and each month of training, with every punch, block or combination displayed in real time.

The innovative tapping navigation Dreamr’ app development team has developed, allows boxers to interact with the app without having to take off their gloves and touch their phone. Even better, rest time feedback means performance insights are instantly available when it matters most.

Any doubt is taken out of finding peak performance with long term tracking on any device. Corner allows users to quickly discover which areas of their game require more focus, and track improvements in training.

It’s the depth of analysis and the app’s clean, intuitive UX caused great anticipation ahead of the launch in Las Vegas, International CES 2016.

With Corner, coaches are presented with the relevant training data via Cloud connectivity, for all their gym users, through an online web application, which allows them to access sophisticated performance analytics with ease.

Corner provides a cutting-edge solution for elite athletes, and yet remains accessible to any athlete committed to improving their performance, making it the perfect training partner, and a unique link between the physical and digital worlds.

Corner Whats next?

From concept, to prototype, to reality. We have worked with the talented people behind this amazing company. Our commitment to them and to all our clients is that we’ll be there to help take them to the next stage in their apps history.

We’re excited to share more about Corner and their amazing app, but you can find out more here:

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