Mylo Kaye

COVID-19 has completely taken the world by surprise, and even I didn’t buy into the ‘hype’ initially. But smart companies are responding to COVID-19. 

I used to tell friends, ‘oh it’s just like the flu’, or ‘the flu kills more people’.

Now, I’m worried.

Responding to COVID-19

The virus is quickly spreading like wildfire and taking over the world. Countries are shut from tourists, and if you happen to live in a country that’s closed its borders, you can’t gather in public. Italy has implemented ‘one person in the shop’ at a time rule.

When thinking about how companies around the world have reacted, it has been pretty inspirational. Forward-thinking companies are saying that staff can work from home and also extending sick pay and other benefits.

Apple has also set up a fund, donating $15 million to help combat the virus

Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon are all responding to COVID-19 by implementing remote working policies, and all this with employees’ health as a priority.

What the response of the big US companies shows you is that employers need to think about their employees, and put them first. Yes, it can be tough for a smaller business to do as much as Facebook or Twitter, but if you truly value your employees and care for them, then your actions will speak a thousand words.

Your employees will know you care, and they will be even more loyal in the long run.

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