Mylo Kaye

Hi, I'm Mylo

Mylo Kaye is an experienced visual storyteller whose work has been featured on the BBC, ITV, BT Sport, and Channel 5.

With over ten years of experience documenting inspiring stories, he uses video, photo, and aerial filming to bring people and places to life.

Over 20 million people have viewed his work online, and more have viewed it on prime-time TV programmes such as Dragons Den and Police Interceptors.

Mylo also uses the latest technology, such as AI, UAVs (drones), 360 cameras and NeRF, to capture and document unique perspectives never seen before.

Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye Aerial

Mylo uses the latest tech, such as UAVs (drones), 360 cameras and NeRF, to capture and document unique places and scenes from across the globe. Based out of Manchester, Mylo has captured places such as Dubai, Mexico, Miami, France and Portugal.


Virtual storytelling of the future.
Launching 2024.

My story

Mylo Kaye is an experienced conte creator based in Manchester, UK.

Mylo has spent the past decade building tech teams in start-ups and companies where those companies have won numerous awards for their work and their people development. Mylo is passionate about creating environments where all genders, ethnicities, sexualities and views are welcome.

Past experiences include managing development teams of up to 25 people, sitting on advisory and charity boards, advising local leaders and judging industry awards. A keen volunteer, he works with DePaul, a young person’s charity, where he mentors and coaches young people to a brighter future. In his spare time, Mylo is a licenced aerial photographer and shares videos and content over on: