About Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye

Mylo Kaye is an experienced photographer, videographer and independent content creator whose work has been featured on BBC, ITV, BT Sport, and Channel 5. With over ten years of experience flying drones, he has captured places around the world, such as Dubai, Mexico, Miami, France, and Portugal.

Over 20 million people have viewed his work online, and even more through TV programmes such as Dragons Den and Police Interceptors.

Mylo uses the latest tech, such as photo/video cameras,  UAVs (drones), 360 cameras and NeRF, to capture and document unique places and scenes from across the globe.

An experienced and licensed drone flyer with a special license awarded by the CAA, which enables him to fly his drone across the UK. He is an A2 CofC registered drone pilot, indicating that he has achieved the highest standard of training and has all the necessary permissions to fly his drone in the United Kingdom.


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