Mylo Kaye

I tried the Apple Vision Pro.

I tried the Apple Vision Pro, and it did not disappoint. This is the future of work and entertainment; the quality is unmatched by other VR-style headsets I’ve ever tried. Even though it will take some adjusting for me to use this at work and home, this technology is actually for my kids and their […]

Aerial Videographer Mylo Kaye Celebrates Over 10 Million Global Views on His Drone Content

Manchester-based aerial videographer and photographer Mylo Kaye, celebrates a significant milestone as his work amasses over 10 million views globally. Known for his stunning drone and 360 camera footage, Kaye has been capturing content for the past decade, witnessing a dramatic increase in viewership over the past three years.  Mylo captures content using the latest […]

Make the Holidays Stress-free: 5 Tips to Beat Holiday Anxiety

The holiday season is a time of joy, but it can also be a source of stress and anxiety. From family gatherings to gift shopping, the holidays bring a unique set of challenges. But it doesn’t have to be this way – with some strategic planning and a few simple tips, you can make the […]

Tips for an Open Workplace and Better Mental Health

I recently read that more than one-third of employees in the UK suffer from worse mental health now than they did before the pandemic. These figures should make any business owner or manager re-think their approach to the mental health of their employees. After all, our employees are such fundamental parts of our business, if […]

Covid 19 & Mental Health: Why we should look forward to what’s next

It is little wonder that the pandemic has had such a negative effect on people’s mental health. The idea of being stuck indoors all the time, being stuck without a normal routine and doing the things we find second nature, can be a tough one to get your head around. Mental health services have seen […]

5 ways to look after your mental health during lockdown

Mental health is something that should definitely be taken seriously. We all should look after our mental health but some of us will suffer from poor mental health. You will find that mental health is an umbrella term for many different conditions however mental health is something we all have, it is whether we are […]

Why talking therapies can really work for you

We all have times in our lives when we feel that we simply cannot give anymore. We may feel fatigued, we may feel depressed and we may feel anxious. Many people will wait and wait until they are at their very own breaking point before they seek help from a professional. Which often means that […]

What are the challenges for employers of a distributed work model

We will see marked shift towards a distributed working model for an increasing number of businesses with current government guidelines advising employees to work at home where possible. COVID-19 has brought us challenges of all kinds. From dealing with lockdown, home-schooling our kids to working from home. And it’s the latter that will be one of […]

COVID-19 Business Update: Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces £330bn package

The Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced extended plans to protect jobs and businesses in the UK. This includes extended business rates holiday to all retailers, to help mitigate the growing economic impact of COVID-19. Amongst the COVID-19 plans are specific support including: £330bn of government-backed loans and guarantees for UK businesses. 12-month business rates holiday […]